FPS Vital News - Page 13

GALVANISES SUPPLY CHAIN Since VITAL NEWS reported on ‘FPS Super Branches’ to boost customer reach in 2014, FPS continues to reinforce its supply chain network with the streamlining of inventory for same-day parts and adds 3 more Super Branches to the list. £200K STOCK INJECTION IN BRANCHES • GLASGOW • NEWCASTLE As technology continues to advance, product ranges in the automotive industry are expanding faster than ever. This has led to a greater demand in aftermarket variety where the supply chain is expected to be ever-ready to provide same-day support despite time and space constraints. The challenge of ensuring that the right products are always stocked, has escalated. FPS continually seeks to narrow the gap between motor factors and the products that they need to serve customers better. Following the marked improvement of product availability, delivery frequencies and stock profiling as a result of the initial Super Branches, FPS has YY]”\\[\[][\ۋ\Y]\H[\[^[HXXو[]Z[X[]HXܛHR˂\\[ܙK\X[H[XY0̌ ܝو[HX[\[\XܛH]ܚ™[\H]YH\Y\[H\ۈH[YBUS™^K^H[XZ]H]\ ۈH[YH^K(QQ‚ML ‚UT8((TRSSBPԐT‚TT8(TQ8((USTӂLSPP‚ML ‚HQSHшPTSӈS‘\]\]وH]ܚو ]\[\Y\[ܙH[ L X[\ݙ\[]][]H\XZ[[[H X\ܚY\[][ Z\\Kۈو][HXYو[K]\[\ܝ[›XZ[Z[YY\[X\[ۈ[ܙ[\][ۈ[ܙ[][ۋQ‚TQSTQTSST•[H[\YH[\Z[^\\X]Y\\Y\\\\\\[[[H^X][ۈXZ[Z[^[[[[XXH\XH^\]H[YHY[\ ]H][ۘ[\X][ۈ[H[YY[]HܙHو[\X[\][ۜH\\[\\H\YۙY[ܙX]\\Y]H\H\Y\˂MMBRBSTT‘Y\[\\HHY\[][و\[KZ[ۛۂ\H[XXH[YKY^H\[\H[\و[\\H[\ۜ[ܝ][H[\H]^H\H[[Z\YX]B[X[و\Y\˂]\HYX\[HH][وH\\[\\]Y]YB\ܛX[Hو[\Y[YHH[[X[[Hۙ\]\HYYY\[KH[[H\H[X][ۈ]Y][‘]YX[HY[\HHܜX[Z\[\˂USUTQH B(TS¸(TH^\[\HH[ܙHYXY[\HZ[\š[\ݙHH]X[]HوۈH[\وHX[\[\ˈH[ۛۈ[Y\[\]]HY[Y[YYY\Z]XH\Yۈ[\\ܞH[[\[X[ \[Y\\[H[XX[]YX[\]ˈX[\[\]H[ܙHوH8&Y8&Hš[XH\H[܈Xܜ]\VHSSԔ‚MLS\]][]HXH۝[Y\]KS‘ܚ\ݚYHH\\XH[BY\X\] HܝYZ[H\HZ[YBX]H\X[K][[[[[[]XZ[\HX\][YܙH]]\ۈ]H\HZ\B$H[]\TTST L‚