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THE COMMON INTEREST VITAL NEWS finds out why COMMON RAIL is more important than ever and how it measures up to emission regulations and consumer demands. As the diesel car parc continues to grow, so do emission regulations, performance and fuel efficiency expectations. This has created a growing market for common rail system components. The call for common rail products are constant throughout the year, making them a reliable and sustainable revenue stream. So much so, if motor factors and garages do not cater for diesel vehicles, they could be missing out on over half the market. Common rail pumps do not need to be timed with the engine as they are controlled by the ECU. The pressure control valve varies the rail pressure according to load demand. The high pressure pump has three elements, each placed 120° apart. The eccentric drive operates each element compressing the fuel, forcing it out of the outlet to the high pressure fuel rail, providing fuel to the engine when required. 2014 DIESEL 67% PETROL 50% 48% AFV 2% New car registrations by fuel type – 2004 vs. 2014 The FPS common rail range offers access to new and remanufactured programmes from leading OE manufacturers of common rail products such as Bosch, Delphi, Denso and VDO. The offering provides excellent coverage of the UK vehicle parc to meet all customer needs. EURO 4/5/6 VEHICLES Fuel pump SMALL PORT DIAMETER 000 bar 1600-2000 bar ar 0b 160 0140 0 199 3 Injectors 0-2 1995 3 2 Fuel rail 4 ECU (eg INCREASING TEMPERATURE 180 COMMON RAIL r 700 ba psi) 180250,0-200 to 37,000 INCREASED NO. OF INJECTIONS COMMON RAIL EXPLAINED 1 2016 0 201 2 198 5 HIGHER PRESSURES Sing le 200 b injectio ar n PETROL 5 33% 200 DIESEL 2000 2004 When the ECU’s electromagnet is fired to control the injector, a small ball bearing (0.3mm) is lifted off its seat to release high pressure on the top of the needle, allowing the pressure at the nozzle to overcome the needle spring pressure. This allows the injector to fire. As the injector operates within such fine tolerances, fuel quality is essential to avoid damage from contaminants. 1980 ROTARY PUMPS Diesel systems: ‘The technological evolution’ 1 REMANUFACTURED STANDARDS Remanufactured parts within the FPS common rail range use only OE quality component parts and adhere to OE repair processes. All units are built to the exacting tolerances in an ISO 14664 Class 7 clean room compliant assembly facility. The facility’s air is conditioned, pressurised and filtered 16 times per hour, removing particles down to 0.5 microns. All units are tested using the OE test plan data on OE recommended test benches. \[\\][[]YY]HHXYX][ۈ[\HܜX8&[&H\YY\H\]Z\Y H[\[\ۙ[وH\X[[[ۈZ[\[BH[[ۈZ[\[HX\[H۝H[][ۜ\]Y[Y[ Z[X[ۈ\\H[[X[ۈ[Z[ˈ\[XY]HY\\ܛX[H\X\\X]H\[[[و[Z\[ۜX^[Z\[Y[YXY[KH[[ۈZ[\[HY\Y[\X[[H]Z[XH܈[X[ۈ]H\\H]\X]YB\][]HوH[[H]H[وHPH]ۜ[BYX\\\^[Y[H[H\[\[\[ۜ\[\ܛX[KH[Hو[[ۈZ[X\H]Z[XHHۈH]B[PSH]]] ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋX\H۝X[\[œ\\[]]KH QTшHSPSQPTST‚BKܙH[]\ۈ܈X[[[\ۙ[\\Y[\X[Y[و[\XHX\ܚ]X[\ۙ[[Z[Y\ŒˈKX\[XH[\ TΌM LHXܙY]YX[HX[]BUSUTQH B‚B \[[H\ݙY\X[]H\]Z\Y]]\[\YH\[\K[][Y][ۈ[[\\[ܘ]Y[X[Y܈[XXX[]HYܙHXY[‚SSӈRSQTS LB