Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 85

I think that, especially in Rabun County, for the amount of tax dollars that are levied versus the return on the investments, which means the quality of the education that our students are getting, it’s a no-brainer. We run a very competitive program that is probably a lot less ex- pensive than the private schools are. I think some of the people like to send their children to private schools be- cause they think that they have more control over their curriculum, climate, and the atmosphere that is in the school system. I think those people that are mak- ing those decisions think that is best for their stu- dents. I’m not here to argue that point. I am here to say that I think if they came into our schools, they saw what goes on in our classrooms, and they saw the the experiences that you are getting exposed to, they’ll find that we aren’t second rate to the private schools. We are right up there with them, so I think it’s an aware- ness campaign, and I think it’s more of an exposure of making sure that the public is aware of what we have to offer, and getting the correct information out there to our public. If I do my job and hire good administrators, good teachers, and good bus drivers, then that word of mouth travels and people begin to see just exactly the value that we have in our public school system. My advice to students? If you ever make a mistake, re- alize that mistake isn’t fatal. You can overcome that mis- take. If you make a bad grade, just work hard to over- come that. If you try out for some team and you don’t make it, that’s okay. That’s a learning experience. Every opportunity you’re presented with is going to teach you something you can use later on. You need to take advan- tage of every opportunity you get. Explore stuff while you’re in school. When you get to middle school, you get to look at different career opportunities. (When) you get in high school, you may look at FFA versus FBLA and the other clubs. Try getting involved in Fine Arts, any sports that you want to, and the different clubs you want to, because every exposure is going to prepare you for something else. You get to have so many different op- portunities for things that you can do that I didn’t have when I was your age. Think outside your box. Explore. God has put something in you- a desire to do something you are supposed to do. You need to find out what that is. You may think, “I don’t have the money to go to col- lege.” We can help you with ways to go to college when it’s time for you to go. If there is something inside you that you have a desire to do, you don’t stop until you get to do it. Take advantage of every opportunity, because you’re facing a world that is going to be more and more competitive. You are going to have more opportunities, so strive to do your very best. 85