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plenty of time, I’m gonna go back through every one of those and I’m gonna relive that opportuni- ty. Being able to shape the life of a young person and even some older people, because you know we get to influence our teach- ers and oth- er folks that work with us, too, that is priceless, and that’s a good thing where. Getting to about this job. come into the schools and have lunch with you almost anytime I want, that’s a good In light of the culture and society that we’re living in thing. Getting to see you graduate, that’s a good thing. now and with some of the recent happenings in some of Getting to make sure that we put in innovative programs the school systems around us, school safety is probably for you like the SWIS program, making sure that we one of the most demanding responsibilities that I have. provide opportunities for you to go on field trips, (and) Making sure that, as the leader of this school system, I making sure that we support you so that you can do that- do everything I possibly can to make sure we keep you that’s a good thing. Going to Wildcat basketball games and every employee in this system safe, that first and when we’re still playing for the state championship on a foremost is probably one of the biggest responsibilities. Wednesday night, that’s a good thing. Sitting out in the Another responsibility that I lose sleep over and you may cold, the coldest I’ve ever been, watching our Wild- laugh is, especially during the winter, deciding when to cats play for a state championship, that’s a good thing. have school and when to not have school. That is a big Watching our students get recognized as Reach Scholars responsibility that I think some people take for granted, so that when they graduate, they have at least 10,000 but calling off school, although it may make you happy, dollars being matched by schools, 20,000 dollars to go really gives me indigestion and a lot of sleepless nights on to some post-secondary school, that’s a good thing. especially when I have to get up and decide whether I When I have teachers who call me, want to talk to me, can put a bus out on the roads without it slipping and and will sit beside me when we’re out at a volleyball sliding and getting you here safely. Also remember, I game or a baseball game, (that’s a good thing). Being have employees that drive on those roads and one day able to interact with people is absolutely one of the best when you get to high school, you may decide you don’t things I get to do in this job, (as well as) the memories want to ride the bus and you may have a vehicle that you that I get to make. I have a whole box full of emails peo- want to drive. Sometimes, during the winter, when I ple have sent me that I printed out, notes that have come make a decision, I have to also think about my teenage from students, teachers, (and) bus drivers and when I drivers and if I’m putting them in a situation where they retire, I will take time to read them all again. They’re might be in danger. Those are probably the two biggest all in that box. When I get to retire one day and I have 83