Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 81

County Board of Education asked me if I would take over as Superintendent of the Schools. Number one, it’s a great school system. Number two, coming be- hind somebody like Mr. Arthur who already had it go- ing, it was really not a lot to do other than make sure I continued to uphold the same standards. It’s a wonder- ful place to work and being able to work with students just like you is what makes it so good. My life has been enriched beyond measures by being the superintendent any place I’ve been, but especially in Rabun County. Let me try to explain a little bit why. Not every school system I’ve been in is supported by the entire community like our school system is. You know that when you have a Chick-fil-a that gets their biscuits on Friday in the shape of a cat paw. Not everybody en- joys that luxury. I think the community support here is wonderful. I think that the values that your communi- The truth is I didn’t know if (being Superintendent) ty and my community holds and expects out of their would suit my family. I am a firm believer that God school system, but especially out of their children, are opens doors for you when you’re ready. I think that if what I call old-fashioned values- values that were im- I started out at a younger age, it would have been portant and instilled when I grew up. They’re worse for my family, because I had a young not important in a lot of places today, so child at home and I was busy raising coming to a community where the him. He was really active. He standard is that everybody is did a lot of things after going to say “Yes ma’am” school, like playing and “No ma’am” and have golf, so there were certain values is wonder- constantly things fully rewarding. When I that I had to do as go out in the community a mother for him. and I hear people tell God allowed me to me constantly, “We’re become Superinten- praying for you. We dent after my child appreciate the job was in college, so I that you are doing,” wasn’t as tied down and tell me they appre- to being his mother ciate the decisions I am and after I had been making, that’s what gives me married to my husband value in doing this job. for many, many years. At first, when we were living Then, when I can get in the school and four hours apart after I became interact with you and any of the students a superintendent in North Georgia, it and teachers, that’s what adds the value to it. probably wouldn’t have been good for my husband or Knowing that we have faculty and staff, all the way from my child if we had been any younger. I think that when our bus drivers, our custodians, our school food ladies, God opens the door for you, he knows that it’s the our teachers, our parapros, (and) our administrators right time, so he waited until later in my career. I had who are going to do their very best- who are going to been in education 17 or 18 years before he gave me the make sure that we have every possible opportunity that opportunity to step out and become a superintendent. we can present to you, students, to make sure we give I think that when you decide you’re going to trust God you the best educational opportunities, that is priceless. to open the right doors, that’s when you know that it’s That’s what adds the immense value to my life, that I just going to work out to be what’s best. That’s how I knew get to be a part of it. It’s easy to be Superintendent here that it would be okay. because of all the support from everybody. 81