Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 80

One of the best things that I found when you want to make decisions when it comes to hiring, firing, or even establish relationships is to get involved in a church and calling off school. I don’t think that to be true. I think that was one of the first things that I had done when I that leadership is a calling, and I think that calling is de- moved to a different community. I am termined by your heart- a heart that’s not a member of any specific clubs. aligned with purposes. I believe that After I became Superintendent, al- God called me to be a leader, and He most every civic club in the commu- called me to be a leader here. I like to nity invites you to join their club. describe my leadership style as being a servant leadership, which means I If I was a member of every civic club think that the superintendent’s posi- in the community, I wouldn’t have tion is one of service- service to you, time to really concentrate on my job. service to every employee in the sys- Since I can’t pick one or two, I just tem, and service to everybody in this decide it’s not good to be a member community. I’m in the position to of any of them. I´m out in the com- serve, and so I think it’s the heart of a munity a lot. I buy my groceries at In- person that determines what type of gles. I go to Walmart. I go to the post leader they’ll be, not whether they’re office, too. What I like most is to get a male or female leader. in the school system and into the classrooms, so that I can interact with students just like you. Going to school When Mr. Matt Arthur, who had been here before me, every morning, showing up at pep rallies, coming t ɕѥɕ$ѡ՝Ё͔Սх)ѥ٥䁥ѡ͍ѕ她́ɽ԰ɕхѥѡЁݡٕȁ́ɥѕЁ)她ɽԴѡЁ݅䰁$ЁѼѕɅЁݥѠ́͡ѼQЁх݅́Ё)ԁЁѼх͠ɕѥ͡ݥѠ԰́ݕѡЁ$ݽձ݅ЁѼ$݅ͻeЁɔѡЁ剽)́ȁɕ̸)ձѼѡͅхɐѡЁ͕и)éЁ͕͔յȰ͔5ȸѡȁ́ѡ)Qɔݕɔ͕ٕɅݽɥѕ́ѡ́ݡ՝ѕѡЁ$䁙ȁѡ́ͥѥݡ)ɕݡ$݅́ЁɕQ͔ٔͥɕѥɕɕѥɕQ́՝ѥ$ݕ)͕́ٔͥ)ѡɽ՝ѡѕ٥܁ɽ́݅́եє͡)$݅́ѡЁɥ)Ё͕ѡЁѡIո)ѕЁQݹ́ չ䰁)$Ёх$ѡ)ɥѕЁIո) չ丁$eЁͅɥѡ)ѡЁȁȁѕɵ)ѡЁ׊eɔѼѕ)хͥѥ́ѡѡ̸)$ѡͽѥ̰́)ѡɥѕӊéͥѥ)ɔѡ՝Ё́ȴ)̰́ͥє)ɥѡ$e)ѡѡӊéՔ$ѡѡ)ͽѥ́ѡѡ)́ɔѕȁեѕѼ)$ѡѡ)͡))$ѡѡ))ѕɵ)ȁи(