Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 78

nobody else can fill. You learn how your specific really inspired you- that saw something in you that abilities contribute to the team and how to use and perhaps you didn’t know you had in you. They encour- develop what you have so you can make the team better. aged you to do just what you’re doing right now; so when you get to be my age and you I got inspired by lots of different reflect back on that, you’re going to people- my mother (and) my grand- see that there were probably teach- mothers. My grandmothers were ers, both male and females, maybe stay-at-home moms. They didn’t work even some administrators, some outside of the home. They didn’t work principles who encouraged you to in like a department store or an office. be all that you could be. When I My grandparents grew up as share- graduated from high school, I was croppers. A sharecropper is a per- salutatorian of my graduating class, son that doesn’t own the land or the and I was going to Georgia South- farm, but they work for the people ern which is in Statesboro, about that do. They would actually get out 20 minutes from where I grew up. and work in the fields, and in South I was going to be an accountant. I Georgia, we had, at the time, a lot of didn’t like being an accountant, and tobacco and cotton fields. They grew about halfway through, I decided I up working like that, but then they had a lot of time don’t want to be in an office all day. I decided I want- where they stayed at home to take care of the families. ed to teach accounting. I had a teacher in high school My grandmothers were very strong women of faith and that had always told me she thought I’d make a good did almost anything. They were ˈx&[HHXX\[H[Y[X\Y]HZYHX[YBˈ^H[]ˈH[&]]HX]]\HXX\]\ۋHYH\\[[[ H\ۂZ\\]][\YYH]H[]]\H\[H[YH؈]x&[H[[\YYYB[^H[\ܚY]YHHYKHY\]وH\ܛH[XYH[YZ[\B]HHYHYX][ۋ]H\]\Z[Y]]܈[H\[K]8&\H\YۈB^H\\[H[]HHYHYX][ۋH[H]H[H ۊH^K\YYH[^\^H\ [^\Y\^HܘY\\ [H[[[][H[Yˈ^HH۸&]]H\HX[HX\]x&]H]Y H\ܛY\[[[Y[[[] ][HY[H]Hۈ[Y[\KX\X]H^BوXX\[H\[KH[HوY\H]Y\KH[[HX\B]\HZHX[[[Y[\H [H]ۋY]\[[H\\YܚHܚYY[HX][HXX\][H]HY[HH\[H\KH\HXX\[][H[x&]HY[] \x&\ۙH܈]]H\[H܈X]][Y[YX\ˈ[HH[\YYB[^\^B\ [^\Y\^HܘY\\ [B[[[][B[Y