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dark, and then you went home. Christmas is another great memory because all of my family and my ex- tended family (there are fifteen cousins, maybe close to thirty aunts and uncles) spent Christmas Eve at my grandmother’s house. She had a huge two-story house out in the country, and we would all spend the night and have Christmas morning at her house. We did that until she and my grandfather died. That’s still one of the greatest memories that I have. Participating in a program like you’re doing here, with all of my classmates, when I was in school, is something that I enjoyed. School was fun and we did lots of things together. We got to expe- rience lots of different things as a group. We went on field trips. When I was in high school, I was a square dancer. I know that doesn’t even sound like something I’d do now. You know how those square dancers have those little dresses that have the crinoline underneath them to make them stand out? That was what we wanted was crinoline. We used to do that as a family and that was really fun. I think that’s where I met my first boyfriend- going to a square dance on the weekends. Not a real exciting life, I guess, compared to what you have now. We didn’t have iPads. We didn’t have computers. We didn’t have Xboxes, but we had a lot of fun time together as family. If you had to rate my athletic ability, it might be on a negative scale. I’m just kind of klutzy, but I did participate as a cheerleader. I think any sort of activity like athletics teaches you how to work in a group. It teaches you discipline- to follow rules and regulations. It teaches you discipline by the fact that you have to get to your practices on time. You have to learn plays. You have to learn cheers. It lets you know that other people are depending upon you to do your part. If you are part of the team and you don’t remember what you are supposed to do, especially for cheerlead- ing, you are going to be the odd man out. If you’re going left and everyone else is going right, that’s embarrassing isn’t it? I think it teaches you a little bit about leadership because when you’re in any sort of group activity, somebody’s got to be the leader and somebody’s got to be the follower. In a lot of cases, the follower is just as important as the leader and so you learn to take on those different roles. You learn that it’s okay if you don’t get to make all the rules and you learn that you have to give and take. You learn compromise, because you know we all have different personalities. We all have different strong suits. I believe God put us together for a reason. The role that you fill, 77