Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 76

my mother’s flower bed. My family was a hard-work- ing family. Both my mom and my dad worked. So we were always taken care of, but we didn’t have a lot of extra money that some people get to enjoy. Some may look at that as being a hardship, but I don’t think so, because number one, I think it instilled in me a lot of qualities that perhaps some other families didn’t instill in their children. I’ve been working since I was in eighth grade, so I think that teaches you some employability skills that a lot of people don’t get the opportunity to experience. I think that when you are able to go out and do any type of work, whether you are volunteering at your church, babysitting for someone in your family, or if you are like me, you start out writing a column for the newspaper. That is the best experience that you will ever have to prepare you for when you get grown, and you can start working. Those are probably some of the disadvantages that my family had; although I would not exactly call them disadvantages. My extended family was very close. I had a set of grand- parents, my maternal grandparents, who lived right be- side me. My paternal grandparents lived right around the corner, so I was raised in a small community where I had lots of family that took care of us; so, if you were playing and you got in trouble, chances were that your mom knew about it before you got home. We just didn’t have a lot of material things but we had a lot of close- ness together as a family. When we took a vacation, we all took it together. That was fun too. Those experiences some people wou ͅѡݕɔ̴)مх̰Ё$eЁѡͼЁ)$݅́ѱՉݡ$݅́ͽѥ́ݔ)ٔѕ䰁䁅́ɱ̰ѼѼɔ)ݽѠ́Ѽ܁ݔݡЁ͡ݔɔɽܴ)ѱѡՉͥ$݅́ѱɼ)ٕи$Ѽ͕ѼЁٔѡЁѕ)ͥ$)Ё齹$ѡѡЁѡɔ)ѡɔЁ́ԁͥѥѼх)ݥѠͥՅѥ$ɔѼѕԁѡЁ)ݽѠ́ЁݡЁԁѡԁ)ȁݡЁͥ锁ԁɔ$ͥѕȁݡ݅́ɽ䁄(ͥ锤ɼݡԁɕѡݼ́Ѽ)ѡȰ$݅́ѡݡ݅́ѱe)ЁQ͔ɥ̰Ȱѡ)͡Ѽѱɔ剔)ɔ͕ѥٔѡ$ݽձٔ$)]$݅́ݔ͕Ѽɥȵɕѥ)ѡ́ȁչ䰁ѡɕ)ѡЁݕɔЁ䁅ݔѡɕݕЁɥ)ȵɕѥȵѼȁѽѡȰݔݕЁ)݅5䁑ݽձձ́݅ȁѡȁ)ݽձձѡ݅eԁeЁ͕ѡЁՍ)嵽ɔ%ԁ嵽ɔԁ)Ёȁȸ]ݽձхЁЁѡѽݸ݅)ѡ݅䁑ݸѼѡѡȁѡѽݸݗe)ɥȵɕЁѽѡȸ]eѽѡȁѡ)յ̰ݡ͍݅́иe׊eхЁЁ)ѡѽݸͽéɐݸѡɕЁչѥЁ