Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 75

Small Town, BigVision by the 5th Grade SWIS Students Introduction by Daisy Thompson The 5th Grade SWIS class inter- viewed Mrs. Me- lissa Williams about her life and her job. Mrs. Williams is the Superintendent of the Rabun County School Sys- tem. Since she has moved here, she has loved being a part of the community. She especially likes going to the high school football games and being able to visit the different classrooms while interacting with the students. During her interview, she talked about being involved in a program like ours (SWIS- a project-based discovery classroom for accelerated and gifted students) when she was younger. She didn’t participate in many sports (just cheerleading) and she lived in a town about the same size of Tiger. She was able to be with friends and family a lot. She also talked about her job. She talked about how she makes decisions, what it was like to fall into the shoes of an outstanding superintendent, and how she handles all the responsibilities for our school system, including the budget. On behalf of the whole fifth grade SWIS class, I would like to thank Mrs. Williams for letting our class interview her. We enjoyed getting to know her on a more personal level. When I was young, I grew up in a town about the size of Tiger; so, it was a big town wasn’t it? I went to a school about the size you are in. I was in a program a lot like yours (SWIS). We actually went out into the communi- ty and interviewed people, but we couldn’t record them electronically. We had to write it down on paper and on an old mimeograph. I was involved in school, 4-H, and when I got a little bit older, I was involved in Y-Club. When I was in eighth grade, I started working as a newspaper writer for our local paper. I worked with the sports column. Football was one of my favorite sports to write about. Those were the things I did in school that prepared me for what I’m doing today. For fun, we went to church. I wasn’t very athletically gifted. I’m not very coordinated. Some people may call that as being “spastic.” I liked to read and garden, too. My family had a vegetable garden, and I liked to do things in 75