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We’ve had a mouse. We’ve had cats that have lived near the dumpster. They’ve gotten very comfortable, and they would come sleep on the porch. They’ve gotten so comfortable in life that they went over to Reeves, opened the bags of dog food, and ate those. That’s been funny. It’s just been really interesting at the comments that the customers make. They want to know exact- ly what a baked potato is. That’s funny. Sometimes people will order a cheeseburger without cheese or they’ll order fried chicken, but don’t fry it, silly little things like that. We get a lot of unusual things. We’ve had famous people in that have been fun. By in large, it’s different everyday. The future of the Cupboard is to maintain the quality of our food, to maintain the quality of our hospitality, to engage the community into how we will service the tourists and the local residents, to continue providing really good food for the people who visit with us, and to eventually offer it to the next generation to operate had a couple of times whenever the river behind and run because it provides a really good, safe work- us has flooded. Thank goodness, it’s never gotten ing, environment for a lot of people in this area. into the restaurant itself, but it’s made for inter- esting things to come floating by. We’ve had a snake About the Author: to crawl out from the restaurant itself. Savannah Sanchez My name is Savannah Sanchez and I am 12 years old. My future is going to involve many people because I want to go to places where kids and adults don’t have much and change that. I also want to tell people who Jesus is. I’ve thought about being a teacher. My teacher, Joy Phillips, has inspired me to be a teacher. Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this article. Interviewed by: Talan Adams 74