Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 73

the night with me, but sometimes I have to say no, be- We also had a flood in the restaurant because of the cause I have to work. That’s the downside. However, wind. It was raining profusely. The wind was when my two grandsons say blowing. The rain came in the windows and wet my customers. It was really embarrass- ing, but that’s just nature. We had a little girl one time who went to the bathroom. She was about three and, of course, our cafe is safe, so the mom let her go to the bathroom by herself. Obviously, she had a problem, so she came flying out of the bathroom and she was totally naked. That was funny. One time, Dave was washing dishes and he left the water running. Bubbles were everywhere, all over everything. (Anoth- er time) a lady stood up and the purse is on the back of the chair, the chair falls in the floor and makes a terribly loud noise. We’ve had a lot of interesting problems. Sometimes women, because this never happened to a “I would like to go shop- man, don’t pay attention when driving down the side ping,” then, we can go shopping because the restau- driveway. They will cut off when they’re turning to the rant affords me enough money to take them shopping, right and they’ll run over that retaining wall. We’ve had take them on trips, or for my family to go on a couple a cars to get stuck on the trips. There are good sides to it. There are bad retaining sides to it, and there are challenging sides to it. The most embarrassing moment was when we had a skunk who lived in the backwoods where we had the cafe, and he got really brave and decided he would come up on the back porch. I had an employee who decided he would get rid of the skunk. Whenever the skunk was outside the restaurant, he decided to get rid of the skunk by throwing a rock on him. The rock was fairly large and, of course, it an- nihilated the skunk. As we all know, when skunks die, they omit all of their perfume. It was sucked into the restaurant through the fan, so we had to turn off all the fans. Everyone’s eyes were burning. Finally, we took a can of tomatoes and poured it over the dead skunk and that eliminated that. That was probably wall and had to one of the worst events that has happened. have a tow truck come and get them. We’ve 73