Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 72

1903 and we opened it as White Hall Inn. We were going to run a Bed and Breakfast. While we were renovating that piece of property, we needed a means to make a living; so, that’s what the Cupboard Cafe’ afforded us. Our ultimate goal was to run the Bed and Breakfast. That is why we chose to come to this area, because it’s a destination for tourists. We wanted to make it a place where people could come, relax, and enjoy. It provides my livelihood, and it provides livelihood for 43 employees. It’s also the place where I can minister to people. Almost everybody who comes in is hungry, and so I will meet their needs that way, plus the fact we look at it as an opportunity to be hospitable to people, to entertain them, to give them a place to rest, to refresh, and to fuel their bodies so that they can continue on whether they’re going back to work, whether they’re trav- eling, whether they’re just simply gonna go home and sit on the porch and enjoy the scenery. That’s why it is important. There are good sides to it. There are bad sides to it, and there are challenging sides to it. Whenever we first moved up here, there were very few people who lived in the city of Dillard, and there was not a lot of tourist traffic. Sky Valley was the main pull, and so the community was rather small. Now, the community has grown a lot sim- ply because of the internet. People can retire here, people can come here, live, and they can still work through the internet. We’ve grown from our cafe’ of 46 to a cafe’ of 243 with a downstairs dining room, because we need that much room to ac- commodate all the people that come to eat with us. Our population is aging. The baby boomers are aging and a lot of them are retiring up here. That affords us the opportunity to feed them. The main way that it has affected the way I live is that it requires so much of my time. I have to be there a lot to manage the place, and sometimes my family has had to put off vaca- tions, or we’ve not had a vacation, because we’ve needed to be at the restaurant. Every year’s different and the travel habits of people change. We have to change our lifestyle to accommodate the needs of our guests. Basically, I just have to be very careful to make sure that is doesn’t consume too much of my life and my family’s lives. For instance, I have two grandsons that would like to spend