Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 69

examples of how that (is) affecting us or how that has it out, so we reach a lot of people in a short amount of affected other people. time and give them information they need to make a decision about whether something’s coming up, (like One of the things I enjoy most is the the) weather or an election. morning show portion. More (of) the operation stuff can be a little bit I think (people) perceive us as a boring. That’s just making sure all the fairly good source of news and equipment works, and that every- information. There’s a lot of folks body has what they need. The morn- that tune into certain broadcasts ing show is (a) bit more entertaining. during the day and top of the hour I get to talk on the radio and that’s like five, six, seven, and eight to get always fun, and I get to talk to people news. I think they perceive (us) fair- on the phone with birthdays and that ly well as far as a news distribution. sort of thing. It just lets me be me a little bit more than I get to be with the rest of it. We (have a) website and we also do a broadcast that lasts one hour every day on the community calendar. During the morning portion of the show, in the Ear- If a nonprofit organization, a church or something ly Morning Scramble Eye Exam, I always give out a like that, has an event going on, they can send us the phone number. We give out scrambled letters. People information and we can put together a quick 15 to unscramble them and call in. Well, I had a lady call in 20-minute one day. She kept trying and trying to call in to win, broadcast but she didn’t know what number to call. The funny about it thing about that was she was calling me on the phone for the to ask me what number to call in. She didn’t know p u b - what number to call the radio station, so she called me lic. We at the radio station to ask what number to call to get b r o a d - the radio station, (and) it was pretty funny to me. cast that and we At the radio station, (we) gather information. If there’s also do an event going on in town, we talk to the people who P S A ’s are in charge of that or have more information than we do. We gather facts, we create stories around that, and then we put it on our website, on Facebook, and the radio. Let’s say if there is a storm coming, whether it’s rain or snow, we are talking with weather services. That way we can get all of the information on our lis- tening area need to make a decision. We impact people by giving out vital information like that. We broadcast We impact people by giving out vital information... 69