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you. It was the only one (built in the county) – first grade all the way up to 6th grade. I can’t remember any sports in gram- mar school, but I did play in high school. I played basket- ball, baseball, and football. We didn’t have high school foot- ball ’til about 1950. That was the first year we had a coach. My favorite (sport) was bas- ketball. As a child, you had to make your own things. My profession was a mechanic. I did not have to go to school to learn to be a mechan- ic. I worked in a field. I have three children – this one here (pointing to Revonda ) and two more, her sister who died of cancer, and a brother who will be 59 Tues- day. I had a wife named Virginia Nell and she died of a blood clot in 2001, a month before the towers fell. choked on a crayon. Everything is completely different from all the buildings, electronics, and TV. (Other families had) real nice cars, but we had nothing but a radio. We did not have indoor plumbing. We had to (go to) an out- house. I got my first indoor toilet in 1956. Now, of course back then, it was all work and no play. I’d do it As a child, you had to make your own things. I played all over again. marbles. I can remember that and my sisters stole my gallon jug of marbles. I had more sisters and brothers than I can count. I had one sister who died in the late 40’s. We (didn’t) know how she died, but I thought she About the Author: Celton Littrell My name is Celton Littrell and I am twelve years old. When I get older, I want to be a professional hunter. I have been influenced by my father, Raymond Littrell. I will accomplish this by teaching other people how to hunt, so they can teach their children how to hunt as well. I hope that I could influence the world by encouraging others to be the greatest people they could be. I hope that I can give them enough support that they want to help someone else in the same way. If I can just be myself, that is all I would need to make me happy. 67