Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 66

Sitting Around randpa G by the fire with by Celton Littrell When I was a child, all I had for water was from the creek. My childhood was rough and tough and my first paycheck was seven cents an hour in the corn fields pulling a cross-cut saw. (My family) had to hunt for food. We did not have enough money to buy it. We mostly ate squirrel. We also hunted possum and that was our only good (food) besides chicken. Have you ever sat by a campfire and listened to a story? I was at a retirement home with my grand’pa Ellis Henry, listening to his stories and having fun talking with him. It reminded me of sitting around a campfire and hearing the same stories. He was telling me all the things he did while he was young, like moonshining, playing basketball, football, playing with his friends, and running around helping his parents do things. He also told me about hunting for his food and how he had to make his own weapons to hunt, because he didn’t have enough money to buy a weapon to go hunting with it. These are stories that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. I was not scared of anything. The only thing I was scared of was my daddy’s belt. On Sunday I would walk three miles to the church while it was still dark outside. That was the only thing I was scared of as I got older. I can remember I had to walk to school as a child. We had a ’34 Ford bus to go to school when I was in high school. If (the bus) was in the shop, we would use our bikes. We had paper but I can’t remember the pens. There (were) no Inkwells (holders) but we did have pencils. I don’t really know how to explain school to 66