Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 64

Far Away Home so from by Vanessa Balderas Being personally involved in this situation was difficult for me, especially when I was only eleven years old at the time. I am proud to call her my mom because she isn’t just an independent and hard working woman, but has also set a good example for me and my siblings. My name is Miledy Gonzalez. I have six children, and I come from Guanajuato, Mexico. I came to the county Rabun County of Rabun to move on with my family. has had some immigration issues like other larger cities. As our citizens or residents are Like any other morning, my kids had just left to go to from diverse cultures, problems arise that affect fami- school. In about ten minutes, I heard knocking on the lies in many ways. Regardless, the sense of community door. I checked through the window, and I saw that here is strong. Everyone loves our town and will do there were a lot of police officers, so I just laid back absolutely anything to stay here. down. I wasn’t going to open (the door), because of the rumors I’ve been told (about immigration being The population of the US continues to grow everyday. in town). Around two minutes later, I heard my kids For Rabun County, Hispanics make up 7% of the pop- coming in. They told me what was going on, and that ulation. Currently, there is an estimated 1,301 immi- they just wanted to ask me a few questions; that sup- grants in the county. Miledy Gonzalez (my mom) who posedly some man was using our address. They wanted comes from Guanajuato, Mexico, is happy to be one of me (to) confirm and see if it was correct or if I knew them. She has a beautiful smile, and is willing to share him; but it wasn’t like that. Once I stepped outside, her story about the struggles she faced to remain in they cuffed my hands. They told me what was happen- this county. ing and why I was being detained. 64