Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 6

1948. After that, they bought two diesel locomotives- 501 and 502.They used the diesels all the way up until the end in 1961. The Tallulah Falls had always used the hand-me-down system, receiving a majority of their engines through purchase or lease from the Southern Railway. The railroad only had five new engines over its lifetime, three steam engines and two diesels; the rest were bought second hand. Hollywood contracted the Tallulah Falls Railway and a few other public businesses in the area and said, “We are gonna put on a movie,” and they wanted to use a steam engine. The fact that they still had a steam en- gine on their property was pretty amazing. There are photos of the engine with Susan Hayward standing on the front of it on Savannah Street in Clayton. There are also movie clips of the steam engine pulling into De- morest. There are photos of the engine wit 7W6Wv&@7FFrFPg&BbBFRFWG2FRFVf2vW&PFW&W7FrFRf7BFBV6PfrWg&FW&RFRWB&pbFVv2FffW&VB6&VƖ7FFvVB&R6&W7fR6&ЧFRFWBv2'VB'FR6WFW&W7fRv2VvǒƗGFR7FF&vf"W6R'FV"76VvW גBv6( B&WGGƖRFPG&2Bv2&WGGV67FF&@FW"W2FR6&W7fR7FF6WFW&&v7FFBv2&pv2W7BvFV'VFrFB@VVvFBB6VBFRFRD`7FF6vBFB6B( 6&W2Ч76VvW'22vVFR6&VƖ7FЧfR( FW&R6Rv26G&WFv2&66ǒFR6V7F"FƖRFB6V7FVBvFFRFRЧFR6WFW&g&v6wFB2FWr&V2f2W&RB&F&VvFR֖FFRbFvFvFRFVf2FF( BfRFf"B&V6W6RB6&W7fRv2&VG'VC6FWvVBFFV&W7BFRWB"7FFvVB&RFRFVf2FФFV&W7Bv26'6R7FFBv2RbFRVf22RbFR&WGFW7B7FF2FR&Ц&RfW27FF2FR&&B&V6W6RBv2&BFRFvBF&VR7FF2fW"FR&&N( 0fVGW&VB( Ğ( B6Ɩ"FRvW7BVF( SƖfWFRFRf'7BGv'W&BFvBFRF&BP