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and fruit don’t set well if it’s too hot. We’re a little bit behind right now with gettin’ our fields ready. Our next planting (of) tomatoes is due to go in the fields (on) the 15th and we just got some of the plas- tic laid today. We have to wait at least seven days on the plastic we’re laying today before we can plant into it because of the fumigants. Some of the chain stores buy from me. My business is competitive. We base our prices more or less on (the) day to day prices which are set by the chain stores. Our tomato prices are by the box. I base that price on what I can get for semi-loads of tomatoes from chain stores. 50 and 60 people working right now and during our peak season, we have about 250. They have to be able to pick up heavy weight and work in the field under wet, hot conditions. My relationship’s good with my employees. I’ve been able to communicate better with my employees over the years and with the public since the beginning. I grew up here and my daddy had land here... Where else would you want to live? Labor’s a big prob- lem. We’re cur- rently using workers which are permitted through the gover nment and we can ap- ply for those. (We) get ‘em if we show the need (for them) and can’t (hire) enough lo- cal people. We have between We’re using GPS on some of our tractors and of course cell phones and everything has changed since the business started. For instance, our fertilizer spreader has GPS on it. We get our soil samples (by) GPS and we get the soil test people (to) write a prescription to put into the computer and it automatically adjusts the rate across the field depending on the soil type. We can go to one end of the field and punch in the GPS and go to the other end and punch in the GPS. Our tractor has auto-steer and (we) push that button and it will go straight 58