Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 57

that were friends. The dorm students were a little different than the local kids ‘cause (a) lot of ‘em came from cities. Some (dorm students came) from Atlanta and some (were) from Athens. A lot of them were (from) out of Georgia. We all got along well. There (were) some school farm families. (They) worked on the school farm. They would let families come live on the farm for, I believe, four or five years. They gave ‘em a share of the crops here and (they) farmed and worked together. (I was part of) the first class (of Foxfire). We talked a lot about the local area, and that impressed our teach- er ‘cause he was from New York. They went out and interviewed a lot of the local people and it was a lot different than what he was used to because a lot of people around here raised their own food, killed their own hogs, stuff like that. He hadn’t experienced any of that. It was our english class, but that’s mostly what we talked about. Ms. Ellis was my first English teacher, and that English was pretty hard for me. (In) Wigging- ton’s class, (we) usually just talked about the locals. Part Two: Making It Happen We start out with vegetables, planting seeds in the greenhouses in February. Then (we) start planting (and) puttin’ out plastic as it warms up. Usually, our first planting dates are around April 1st for the cold crops like cabbage. We (also) plant some corn on April 1st. Then our tomatoes, we start planting around the 25th of April (or) 1st of May and go from there. Import- ant for our roadside stand also, we try to space our plantings so we have continuous production because we have customers that want (a) continuous supply of tomatoes. We have one customer (who) we send a load of tomatoes (to) every night (in) Atlanta. He also buys some cabbage and peppers from us, too. I started farming before I got outta school and Osage is the name of the mountain where I live. That’s why I called Tomatoes are affected by heat. it Osage Farms. My dad and grandfather helped me start Some of the flowers and it just grew from there. We grow vegetables for our roadside stand and we ship a lot of vegetables all over the country. We (have) people that like vegetables from this area and we give a lot a people jobs. (We) pro- duce vegetables for the people in the local area. I like farming, (and) I like working outside. I guess our local vegetables (make Osage Farms unique). People like vegetables in the area and we try to grow vegetables that have a good taste. I grew up here and my daddy had land here, and that was what I had to start farming. Where else would you want to live? 57