Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 55

I have to say when we first moved here, there was no Italian restaurant. Pizza Hut was the only (pizza) place (in Rabun). Everyone here, the whole community (has) taken us all in with open arms. We were busy from day one and continue to be busy. Everyone was looking forward to the new place and new everything. (Mama G’s is) gonna go on. My son is only 40. He’s going to go on and he just got married on Sunday. He’s got his second wife, and he had his wonderful wedding in the Rabun Pavilion. He is absolutely totally com- mitted to running this business, and so is his new wife. About the Author: Abby Sego Hello! My name is Abby Sego and I am a 12 year-old sixth grader at Rabun County Elementary School. I enjoy playing sports, dancing, and spending time with my friends, family, and pets. When I get older, I want to be an Oncologist Pediatrician. I have a big soft heart for children with cancer and I would love to take part in saving some of their lives. There are many children in this world that are living with this horrible and depressing disease. I want to be the person that tells them that no matter what happens or what the outcome is, Jesus is with them and He will never leave their side. I will accomplish this by making good grades and setting goals for myself. I hope to attend the University of Georgia and get a Masters Degree. 55