Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 54

about seven or eight years. This was at Stone Mountain, Georgia. We then moved to another location in Stone Mountain for the Olympics, so we could be closer to the park. That was in 1995 and we stayed there through 1998. My daughter and I used to come up here to hike. We loved it so much that when the lease, when you rent the place, was up, we decided to move here. This was my dream since I was probably your age to have my own business. We rented a house on Old 441. It was my daughter, about 5 dogs, 3 cats, my mother, my husband, my son, his wife, and Sal. Sal is my grandson who works here, and he’s graduating this year. We all lived in that house for a few months. We moved all of our equipment and everything onto Duvall Street where we first started to have Mama G’s. We were doing all of the repairs, all the setup, and everything by ourselves, because we didn’t have too much money at that time. My son has learned the ordering and the cooking. He has worked since he was ten years old, and my daugh- We just kept on going and after six years, we found this ter was 14 when we first started. My husband used to location. It was for sale. We bought the location, and do the orders, but when he passed, my son took over here we are. (Mama G’s) was very the business. He’s doing the orders crowded from the very beginning. and he’s training all the kitchen staff. We treat everyone like family. That’s I used to cook and train everybody why we ended up having enough on the floor. money to buy this property on Main 441 South. After the fire, we rebuilt The restaurant was our livelihood. and we moved the building over. That’s how we make a living and pay our mortgage, pay for our cars, and I was the major chef and my husband everything else. When the restaurant was always up front greeting the burnt down, it was (because of) an public. My daughter was the