Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 53

Bread G arlic ood G Times and by Abby Sego kind-hearted person and a great person to look up to. When Mama G’s burned down, I was devas- tated and sad along with everybody else in Rabun County. When I got the chance to do this inter- view for Foxfire, I knew right away I wanted to interview the owner of this lovely restaurant. I was so excited and happy about this article after having “Love Is Good Food” is not only conducted the interview in April of 2017. I have the slogan of Mama G’s, it is the saying that the learned so many interesting things about Mama G’s owners live by. Mama G’s is a local restaurant locat- and where it all started. ed in Clayton, Georgia and is usually known for its scrumptious garlic rolls and mouth-watering pizza, but it is really known for the amazing family atmo- We opened in 1986. My husband and I were 40 years sphere in the restaurant. From the time you walk in old, and at that time, my husband was losing a job with the front door, to the second you walk out, you are Eastern Airlines (which) was going out of business. We treated like family. Mama G’s sets itself apart from knew some people that had pizzerias and we bought chain Italian restaurants by making amazing food and the franchise from them. We opened our first pick-up serving it with love. and delivery place and it was 1200 square feet. The owner of this excellent restaurant is Krystina The menu was very limited, and we did not have a Gaglio. Ms. Gaglio is a very hard and strong worker. dining room or anything. We were mostly pick-up Everything she does, and everything she continues and delivery, and we used to do two-for-one pizzas. to do is and will be done in love. She is an amazing, In April of 1986, we opened and we stayed there for 53