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I didn’t have many friends. I was always having to work and there weren’t many kids around when I was growing up. I was basical- ly kind of a loner. Sometimes a bunch got together on like a Sunday evening and we had big fields. We would get out to and play softball. Growing up with eight sisters was hard. Some- times we would end up in big corn cob fights. I have two nieces that are close to me. We all got up to the age, we all had bicycles and stuff, and we would ride them. Later on, we got motorcycles, and we would ride them. Some of the places we would go and the wrecks we would have were kind of funny. I was always into something. We would find something and we would just run wild through the woods.We would we play cowboys and indians. I got my hand cut one time making spears to throw with an axe and stuff like that – not anything real serious, just typical boy stuff. I had to get up when it was time for school and go take care of the stock. I had to go milk cows, gather eggs, (and) feed the hogs. Then, I had to get ready for and go to school. I would come home and do the same thing that evening. We didn’t have any toys, so I would make up stuff. My first football was a milk jug half full of sand that I kicked around. In the summer time, I had to go and help my dad. I would feed the rock crusher. I wasn’t but like eight years old and wasn’t strong enough to engage the thing. He rigged a thing up to where I could feed the rock crusher, where I made big rocks get crushed up. That’s what I did every day. I guess my dad influenced me the most because he didn’t have an education. He always told me that having (an) education was one thing and if you had (an) education nobody could take it away from you. He always worked hard. He made sure we always had food to eat. He made sure we were taken care of. My dad owned a small rock crusher to begin with and then he had heavy equipment that we did construction work with. We’d build roads and all that stuff. My mom didn’t work. Well, she worked a lot of different jobs unti &FvV7&W7BVVBW@6Rv&VBFW&RVFFRFR6PFVBF( B&Rv&B7GVfb7G&fRF&RFP&W7BR6&RvFWfW"B0RFvB@W&6VB2FVVvW"7FBFv&ऒfǒvBF&fV@&6WF&6VF( BfF&"&6V&&V6W6PBFv&vVVB&6WF&FRvVFW v2&BFw2vW&R6rFRFrvVv0w&vrWv2G&vvrFv^( BvBW7BG&pS