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Ralph Welch: Farmer Boy by Cooper Welch Pawpaw works for the City of Clayton now. He repairs water lines all over the city.. He works very hard and is always determined to get the job done. He also AL- WAYS makes time to watch his grandkids play sports or perform in the halftime show of a high school foot- ball game. He loves watching anything that involves me and my two sisters, Capi and Chesney. Ralph has two kids- my dad, Jonathan Welch, and my uncle, Jeremy Welch. Ralph Welch is a very inspiring man and everybody should get to know him. Hopefully, this article will let you do that. “Lazy-that’s the definition of everyone nowadays.” When my grandpa, Ralph Welch was in the sixth grade, he didn’t have any type of technology, phones, or anything. The idea of “fun” back then was running around through the woods or having big corn cob fights. It seems like it was boring to some people, but those were the things he did when he was growing up. My grandpa, known to my fam- ily as “Pawpaw,” inspired me. He taught me that you didn’t need technology to have fun or know every- thing. He told me stories about how he would feed the hogs, milk the cows, and everything else you would do on a farm. I was born, raised, and grew up in Rabun. My fami- ly has always been there. I have eight sisters and two brothers. My dad was always in construction business, but I went into the service right out of high school. I was in the Navy and stayed there for four years. I was in it six years total. I came home, went back to school, and became a mechanic. I worked for a place in Toccoa called Payne’s Alignment. They went out of business, so I went to work for the City of Clayton. I repair and maintain water and sewer lines now. We always did that. 50