Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 48

Oh goodness! (the rent- al fishing boats) I think they probably had 5 or 5½, 6 horse pow- er motors on ‘em. My dad told me that when I could crank one of those motors by my- self, by pulling the cord and getting it going, that I could take the boat out by myself. I would struggle and strug- gle as a small child. I was probably in second grade when I could get the motor started, and I would go out; but, I had to stay where my daddy could see me. I could not go very far and I had to wear a life jacket and all this. My first boating experience on my own would’ve been a boat like that; but before that, I got to ride around in the Chris Crafts. Then my friends who came during the summer had boats, and we would ride in those; so, I spent a lot of time in boats when I was young. I still love boats to this day. houses. The big thing was to come to Hall’s Boathouse on Saturday night, meet there, and then go to the Mountain City Playhouse and dance. We would also, sometimes, get a group, a big group, of people and we’d go to the Tiger Drive-In; but, mostly we just made our own fun on the lake. We listened to music, we danced, (and) we swam at night. That’s how we were social. There were more interac- tions just with your friends and family. We would ski, and we would ride on the aquaplane. Our tubing is not what people think of tubing today. We actually had an inner tube that would come from a tractor tire, so it was really really big, and we would just tie a ski rope to it. We would get a double han- dle ski rope and tie it around the tire and we would ride that tube. It would just about beat you to death. Another thing we would do was we would pretend that we worked for Cypress Gardens Ski Show and we would put on ski shows for people. We would try to do all these tricks like riding on someone’s shoulders. We could hold the ski rope with our legs and we would just pretend that we were the famous Cypress Garden skiers. Oh, there was always something going on, but not like there is to- day. There’s just so many things that people have – the art show, (and) the Regatta on the fourth of July. When I was young and liv- ing on the lake, we really didn’t have that kind of thing; but, we were always having cookouts. One person had one of the kites that you could ride on up in the There were very few families on the lake that lived air. We would go tubing and have there year round. Most of the families moved back to small parties at different people’s 48