Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 46

Loving Lake Life the by Christina Keller water activities that she used to do when she was little She says it brings back great memories. Jolaine is a kind, outgoing person. Everyone loves to be around her. I am honored to have such a great influence in my life. My family is full of kind, loving people, and Jolaine Hall is one of them. Lake Rabun is the most special place in the world to me! I believe the lake began probably about 1915. In 1919, my grandfather, Guy Hall, Sr. started a boat marina, Hall’s Boathouse on Lake Rabun. My father, Guy Hall, Jr., took over the boathouse when my grandfather retired in the 1930’s. I grew up there as a child and I lived there for 18 year(s), 1954 to 1972, when I went to college. I chose my great aunt, Jolaine Hall for my Foxfire interview. She grew up on Lake Rabun and spent many hours at her father’s boathouse, Hall’s Boathouse. She had a sister, my grandmother, Lynne Keller. Jolaine now lives on St. Simon’s Island, Geor- gia, and I love it when she comes to the lake to visit. She loves to watch my brother and I ski and do the fun There are so, so, so many special memories on Lake Rabun. I guess when I was probably about five or six years old is when I started playing with the people who came to the lake in summertime, since I lived at the lake year ‘round, (including) the winter. I had no close neighbors and no children to play with. When the summer began, which was Memoria