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RABUN COUNTY GEORGIA and everybody will stand around and get to know each other. It’s an opportunity to network, to get to know other business owners, and find out what they are do- ing so that everybody is familiar with what’s going on in our county. Sometimes, it is stressful working at the Welcome Center because the world is changing. When you grow up, you will have grown up in an age of complete elec- tronics (and) media and that’s new for most people my age. The way that business has traditionally been done is changing a lot and that means that the things that we used to do, the values that we used to provide to our members, is also changing. It’s a real challenge to keep up with the technology and the changes in the culture that change the way that people do business. We have to constantly be aware of that and try to adapt to it. We’re in a constant state of change, always looking for ways to improve and change what we do, so that we can stay relevant in our world. It’s hard to guess exactly what’s going to happen in the future. Going back to what we said a few minutes ago, it’s a changing world. If the past is a prologue to the future, then what we can expect is more change and we have adapted already. In the past, it was tradition- al that we keep what we call “rack cards.” That’s these little single sheet flyers that tell all about your busi- ness or your restaurant and everything. Visitors will come in and browse through the rack cards. We would have them select the ones we thought they might like and then they would go visit those businesses. Today, we have a computer system and you have a big screen out there. Instead of looking at rack cards, you would browse through the computer screen, and all that in- formation right there. You can touch the button and it will connect you right to their own website. These are some of the technological adaptations that we have been able to come up with. I expect that we’ll just be more involved in those. We used to send a newsletter in the mail every month. We would have to print it, then put it in envelopes, put stamps on it, and address the envelopes. We don’t do that anymore. We just send it through email, and I’m sure that all of those new technologies will just continue to blossom, and we’ll continue to adapt to them as they come. We keep a record here of crazy questions. People come to the Welcome Center to get information. A lot of people call us and say, “Hey, do you have the phone number for the library?” We’re like information cen- tral, but a lot of the questions are sometimes pretty crazy. We keep a little record of those so that we can laugh about those later. We had a fella that had came in not too long ago and he said,“I came to Rabun County when I was a kid, and I went fishing on a creek. It was down a dirt road. Can you tell me where that was?” We said,”No, we can’t ‘cause we weren’t there.” It was a crazy question and he thought that we might know where he went fishing as a child. 45 About the Author: Macy McWhorter My name is Macy McWhorter. I am a 12 year-old student in the sixth grade. I have had a dream since I was in Pre-K about being a veterinarian because I have always had a love for animals. I hope to be one of the best veterinarians around and to have a very successful career in life. I will accomplish this goal by making good grades and school (in general) my top priority. I will try my best all the way through school and hopefully get into a good college, so I can make these dreams come true.