Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 44

As president of the Chamber of Commerce, my job is to fulfill the mission of the Chamber, and our mission is that we are a catalyst for business growth and com- munity development. From business growth means we have members of the community who belong to the Chamber and generally those members are busi- nesses. If you had a business, you would belong to the Chamber of Commerce, just like you would to a club at school. We have events and we do informational things. We have a website so that those members can get access to the information they need. It’s my job to make sure that we’re providing the right information and that our members are aware of what’s available. In addition to running the welcome center, we also help to develop the community through those efforts. Many Cham- bers of Com- merce don’t have Welcome Centers. In this commu- nity, because so much of our econo- my is tour- ism-based, it’s an important thing to have. It’s just one of the ways that we reach out to the visitors for our members. One of our biggest events here in Rabun County is called Veteran Ap- preciation Day. Rabun County is a The Welcome Center is part of The unique place in the world because Chamber of Commerce. We become it’s very family oriented and it’s a affiliated by being a member of the conservative place. People who live Chamber. Of course, if you’re not a here traditionally have been eager to member, (it doesn’t mean that) we’re step up to defend the country, to be not gonna tell people about you. It’s part of the military and so we have always better if you’re a member, because that means lots of veterans. In order to let them know how much we know more about you, and we’re better able to we appreciate their sacrifice, every year we do a big explain to visitors what it is you can do for them to dinner and we invite them to come to the C ٥ )ѡȁх䁵ɔɅ)ѕȸ%ӊéͽѕ䁙ɕȁѡѼɥѡ)䰁ѡɔݥ́ͽхЁ)ݡݕɔѡх䁅ݡݕɔѕݥѠ)ѡх丁]ݥɕєѡ]eЁѡ)хѡȁх䁙Ёͽ̰ѡ͔)ѡ̰ͼѡ䁝ЁѼѡ䁡ٔɕ)ѕ%ӊéɕ䰁ɕ䁄ɕЁٕи)Iո չ)́չՔ))ѡݽɱ)]ѡՅ ɥѵ́ɅIո չ)]ЁѼٔոЁ ɥѵ́ѥɥMф) ́ѼIո չ丁%ѥݔٔ ͥ)ѕȁ!̰ѡ́́ѡݔٔѠ)ɥѡյȁѥ]٥єѡȁ)́ѼѼȁˊéѥ̸ȁ)хѡ́Ѡѡ ѽQɥչ́ѥѡ) ͥ́ѕȁ!̰ͼȁ́Ё٥д)Ѽѡݥٔɑٕ́ɥ(