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Life Perspectives From Two by Quetzaly Diaz Ordaz the people who live here are very blessed. Josefa is a Catholic and goes to St. Helena Catholic Church. She currently lives with her six children, her husband, and their family pet. The demographics of the Rabun County, Georgia pop- ulation has changed over time. Once an Indian territo- ry, it evolved into a mostly white settlement. Now, 8.2 percent of the total 16,276 residents living in Rabun County are Hispanic. This number doesn’t include the large number of migrant workers who live in the area part time. The person who I interviewed was Josefa Ordaz. Josefa is my mom, so I was very excited to interview her about her experience living in Mexico as compared to liv- ing in the Appalachian mountains of North Georgia. Some of the things about Mexico and Appalachia are the same, but most of the things are very different. Jo- sefa said, “ In Mexico, you are always working and nev- er have any breaks. In Appalachia, it is very laid back, and there are many fun things to do if you live here.” She is glad to live in Appalachia and thinks that she and My name is Josefa Ordaz, and I am from Mexico. I lived in a small town that is very special to me, because I grew up and all my childhood memories are from there. It was so beautiful to me. You feel so free when you are there. You can walk around, go anywhere you want, and do anything you want. You also have a chance to celebrate small and special events that you sometimes can’t celebrate here with your closest fam- ily. Mexico has very beautiful and unique things that you can not find here. 41