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Traveling History through by Hayden Deslich and Adrian Aguliar (Interview by Hayden Deslich) my beloved teacher, Mrs. Phillips, I wouldn’t know about this. I wouldn’t be able to do this article without the help of Adrian Aguilar, who helped me transcribe and write it. It is an amazing story-how it was a sen- sation to the towns from Cornelia, Georgia to Frank- lin, North Carolina, and how it was a disappointment when it left the “little” towns of North Georgia. I previously worked at the Rabun Gap Nacoochee School Railroad Museum, telling the story of the Tal- lulah Falls Railway to visitors of the museum. I worked there for about four years, I first started the job with a man named Dess Oliver. Dess knew my family for probably 20 years before I came along. My family no- ticed that I was getting interested in trains and every- thing; so, they took me down to the museum, I met Dess, and then the relationship grew from there. In 2015, Dess passed away, so the school offered me a position working part-time, on the weekends, and special events for the museum. I (have) been helping off and on since then. Josh Scott is a well-educated nineteen year old, who has a heart for the past. When we first sat down to discuss the Tallulah Falls Railroad, we “cracked” open two so- das, because there was a lot of information to be dis- cussed. Josh Scott works at the Tallulah Falls Railway Museum in Rabun Gap to give people the history of the railroad. It all started with a man named Dess Oli- ver who passed his knowledge down to Scott. Without 4