Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 39

It’s so fresh and so good. It’s not a product that’s fro- like Superman on top of the flowers. I had a few team zen. It’s real stuff. We take pride in serving you. When members that were watching and had a great laugh. we don’t get it right we make sure that we make up for We’ve had some funny things happen here. it. We take care of our guests. It’s tough (to compete with local restaurants), but I We’ve had some funny, funny things happen here at think we all can co-exist. I eat at all of them. I real- Chick-Fil-A. There have been several times where we ly don’t compete with our local restaurants that are had a car break down in the drive-through. As you like Fortify, or those sit-down restaurants. Normal(ly), know, at Chick-Fil-A, if you get in our drive through, when people go out, if they want fast food, they’re you are stuck. You’re not moving. wanting it fast. They wanna get (in) We’ve had cars that were backed up and get out and that’s what we’re and couldn’t get out. A bunch of us here for to give them really great would run out there and push the food. When you go to a sit-down car through the drive-through, let place, you’re looking for something them order at the window, let them different. You’re looking for table get their food, and then we would service. You’re not in a hurry, so a push them to the parking lot. We lot of times, we don’t compete for would call a wrecker or call a me- the same people. My competition is chanic over and he worked in (the) really McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger parking lot to get the car fixed. An- King, Taco Bell, and Zaxby’s. I want other funny thing that VVB0FVF66RvBwVW7BFvVv2FR&6RFR66RW2&V6W6RV&W"RFPvWGFr6RG&2fbbFRFf"fB2w&VBV&W"Gvv^( &P6FW&r&FW"vRFg&W6fvW'2W&RBW"7Bv6W'fRFVf7B7W'&6vǒf7BV&W W72v2WGFrF6Rf6W2bfvW'2FvWFW"FRF&VRFBFW( &R&RFW7BG&67FFW( &P&6VVBF6RG&2fbFRG&2vW&R6֖rVR6vBFVF66RW2f"F6RF&VPFvW6WBFRRv2G'rFvWBWrv2&V62bFWFV6FRF66R4FN( 2RFvrFfW"7FW72"fBG'FfRBFVFBV2FBfRfVB&RFW֗72FR7FW7266RF֗72FR7FW7266RFFFBג66V6Gv6W2&R&RWV6fRFRRf"FRFVBVFVBWFfrFb'WBFW( &RBFW( &R7GVǒ6VW"FЧFRfvW'2FRf6W2W76rWFRfvW'26R&GFvv62FW&W7Fs'WBvBFVFBFv&6BvWB&RfvW'2v2BWB66RW2f"F6RF&VR&V62vRƗfR7V6vFW&gV6RvRfP6RbFP6W7BVRFRv&B3