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every week, and we’d go work on it. It took us two years to build. From then on, we had peo- ple come, get saved, and they’d go to other churches, so we had started out (with) about eight people at our church. We had several come at times, and then they’d leave, but we kept the church open all the time. We had the preacher and his wife, their children, two more families, me and Fred, the Mashburn family, and Sister El- lie came. Sister Ellie’s the one that got the church started down at Lakemont. She did not want to change the church. We all voted to change it except her. Then, whenever we got it started, she sent a load of oak floorin’ down for the first floorin’. I think (people should) live as close to the Lord as they can, and do the best they can (to) help people. If you talk to people, a lot of times, (It) was in ‘53 when we joined the it’ll win them (for the Lord), if you Lakemont Church. It was about 10 talk the right way. (The church) can years after that ‘fore we built the Wi- improve with the help of the Lord. ley Church. It (was) ‘63, or ‘62 when I say, if people don’t get close to we started the Wiley Church. (I’ve the Lord, they’re going to have a been going there) 55 years I guess. rough time. I advise them to seek the Lord, get saved, and go to church I think (Wiley regularly. That’s all I know to say. Church) changed for the better, because we’re gettin’ more About the Author: souls in and Isaac Craig gettin’ them saved. I think Hello, my name is Isaac Craig. (that) because I am a very happy person who more chil- likes to hug and be nice to dren come, people. When I grow up, I want and we have to be a C.I.S.M or Computer more teen- Information Systems Manager. I will reach my goal by attending four years in college. My par- agers and ents are very important to me. They have helped smaller me through hard times and loved me no matter children, too. what. I am a Christian and I love the Lord. I If teenagers and children don’t also like to get good grades and to feel smart. come to church, the church ain’t gonna last long be- cause the older people die out. ...we’re gettin’ more souls in and gettin’ them saved. 35