Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 34

The Church Mountain on the by Isaac Craig classes. The church will be moving to the mountain next to Pizza Hut in Clayton, Georgia tentatively next year (2019). We plan on making it bigger and entice more people to attend. Pastor Adam is the wonderful pastor of Wiley Church and a great man. He has blessed the church since he first stepped in it. He has only done the best for the church. His YH\\B[[X[Hܙ H\ۙHوHXB\[HH]H]\Y] [[KH\ܸ&\œۈ\H\HXHY[^H\Y[ H\ۈHH[\Y]Y\ܚ\\[\H\HZ][Y[X\و[^B\و H\HXH[ۙ\[\ۋH[YYYH[\\Kݙ[HYKB[YH\ۈ[[\]]\Z[\˂^H\H\HXH\[H[HX[H\HH\˜XH[\Y]\X]\HHX\YHX]B\[]\ܞK[^H\\]Y[Z[[۝ [ܙXK]\BX[\\\\YH\YH\\˂H]HH\\K[[&\Z[\K[Y\^B[^H\و H\\Y[8& [BYX]Y]  H[\[X\و8&  MYX\˜YˈH[YZ[]\ [X H\ BYٙ][Y\ˈH]\Y[™X܈[][X[KHY[ۙ^HZ[[