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be dirt when I was growin’ up. When I was about 4 or 5 years old, they paved Bridge Creek Road. I ‘member the trucks goin’ by when they was pavin’ it. We went to the old schools. Tiger, Clayton, an’ Rabun County High School were old schools. Now, they have all new schools, and we don’t have the old high schools any- more, just a buildin’ or two of it left. It’s really changed a lot. There’s a lotta big roads goin through the county that we didn’t have when I was growin up. It was just one lane roads-two lanes, one goin’ each way. There are just so many vehicles, and so many wrecks. People get hurt and killed in car wrecks. It’s just really made a change in the county. I guess, in a way, it’s changed for the good; but, when I was growin’ up, we just didn’t have all this traffic and stuff. It was just so much easi- er to get around. Now, it’s just crazy with traffic and stuff. That’s prob’ly the one thing that I would change. My advice to children today would be to study hard, mind yer parents, an’ try to learn in school, because it’s very important to learn. Try to be the best that you can. You know, back when I was goin’ to school, we didn’t have all the learning capabilities that we have now in school; so that’s a big improvement. Kids need to really apply themselves to stayin’ outta trouble, and leavin’ drugs, alcohol, and stuff alone-just tryin’ to grow up to be good kids. About the Author: Tessa Lane My name is Tessa Lane. I am eleven years old and I am in the sixth grade. I want to be a Pre-K or Kindergarten teacher when I grow up. This is because outside of school, I love to be around very young children. I have a very close relationship with my step-cousin, who is eight years old right now. I met her when I was her age, and we have been best friends since. I love that I influence her life greatly, and I would like to influence others like her. My teachers also have a large impact on my life, and I want to do that for others. My favorite teachers are Mrs. Guffie, Mrs. Joy Phillips, Mrs. Peacock, and Mrs. Free.