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One time, I decided that I wanted to work with the My two oldest children are Alice and Roger. Alice is rescue squad; so, I went through training and joined married. She’s got three children. Roger isn’t mar- up. I worked with the rescue squad for about two ried now, but he’s got one daughter. Her name is Kara. years. That went hand-in-hand with Now, I’ve got one baby in the family, the fire department. It was all vol- a great grandson. They were all good unteer, which it is now. I worked We were always a children, went to school, and done with the rescue and fire department, the best they could. perty close family but mostly rescue. We’d go out on ‘cause, ya’ know, Many things are very different now calls and help rescue people-you know, outta car wrecks and stuff. they wasn’t nobody than they were a long time ago. When One time, they’s a feller ran off in I was in the elementary school, we else around fer the gorge in his car, down in Tallulah had a train that come through Rabun us to do anything Gorge. We was down there over half County. It always came up here by a day tryin’ to get him out. We finally Tiger School and would go up much with... got him out, an’ they got him to the through Clayton. We’ve got a lot of hospital. He survived the wreck off different food places that we didn’t in the Gorge. I worked with them on wrecks and all used to have. We used to just have a couple of grocery kinds of stuff like that. It was very interesting to do stores, little stores in town, and now, we only have one that; but, I finally got to where I just didn’t have time, little store, an’ that’s Andy’s Food Market. Now, we and I had to give it up. got a lot of big stores-Walmart, Ingles, and Home De- pot. The road used to I was married in 1973. I was 21 when I got married the first time. My marriage only lasted 12 ½ years. Then, I met Martha. When I got married the second time, I was 32. We got married in 1985, and we’ve been married 32 years. I supported my new family then by working at Burlington Mills in Rabun Gap for a few years. Then, I quit there an’ went to work at Reeves Building Supply in Clayton. I’m still workin’ there an’ I’ve been workin’ there about 43 years. My children were very into school. Brandie, she was a very good student, made good grades, an’ applied herself to doin’. She was in the marchin’ an’ symphonic band. She was in all different kind’a clubs an’ she played softball. She went to college an’ graduated a four year course in two years. Now, she’s teachin’ down at the Rabun County Middle School. She was in the 4-H club for a little while. Jessica went to school and was in the band. She was in different thangs in school and now she’s outta school. She’s got a beautiful little boy. Brandie has a beautiful little girl named Tessa. 32