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to have, but I learned what I could. I liked math, his- tory, an’ English perty good. Math ‘n history were my two favorite subjects. I didn’t make real good grades, most of the time. I was in the B and C class, and I made several F’s, too; but, I thought F was for fine, so I thought that was okay. Thats just kinda a little humor there. A was awful. B was bad. I don’t mem- ber what C was; but, I tried to make good grades. I guess I just didn’t apply myself like I should have. That was just the way we thought back then. Barbara Shirley was my teacher in high school. I really, really thought the world of her. We had an- other teacher. His name was Jim. He taught me math in the eighth grade. I really liked him. Mr. Martin taught agriculture. He was probably one of my favorite teachers. I really thought a lot of him. When I was in the fifth grade, I started playin’ midget football, and I played that through the seventh grade. I played Little League Baseball for older kids. ‘Ya know, 10-11 year olds. Then, when I got in high school, I played football. All the way through high school ‘til my senior year. We had a Mr. Simmons. Hoke Simmons was my first football coach. I really liked him. He was a good coach. Then, when I got to high school, we had Coach Sin- gleton and Coach Rumsey. I liked both of them. They were real good coaches and they were good people. I ’member one time when I was playin football, we had a coach that was a perty good coach. Anyway, we were playin’ a team from North Hall. They called for a Statue of Liberty play an’ the other team knew we were gonna run it, ’cause they heard the coach call the play in. I was gonna get the ball, an’ so I came up around the quarterback. They hit him and knocked the ball up outta his hand. I picked it up an’ ran, an’ I ran all the way down the field for a touchdown. Nobody thought it was gonna work, which it shouldn’t have prob’ly; but, we made it work. That was one of the funny, fun- ny stories we made one time. I didn’t get to play my senior year, but then I started playin’ softball. I played that fer about thirty years. I played one year of semi- pro baseball. My first job was cuttin’ brush. We cut brush for Mr Chaps that lived out on the hill. I made a little money. We got a job down at the blueberry patch, picking blueberri W2( 7WGF( w&72FVvB"v"Ц( FvBFR66vF"W( "&"ЦW'G6RƗfVB&VrFvW"( RƗfVBFvW"6Vr"FW"vBFvFFR66WfW'FFv&&F( &76RvRv2VFVBWvWGFFvFW&Rv&VBFvFW&RF&VvFP7VW"FVvVBFv&BFRVW.( 2w&6W'7F&RFBv2גf'7BgVFR"v2&.( ǐ&WB6FVV&RfgFVV"6WvW&R&V@FW&Rv2v66vVvBגf'7B&V"3