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creek. He jumped on top of me. We were wallerin’ in the creek all wet an’ nasty; but, ya know, that was good times. I had just an old dog, an’ he was my buddy. He always hung out with me everywhere I went. His name was Brownie. Later on, I got me a Collie and his name was Shelt. I raised him from a pup. He was a good dog. where the big bull was. Mr. O’Neill told us to stay outta the pasture with that bull in there; but, we didn’t listen. I ran to the house and got a knife and a salt shaker, ‘cause we like salt on our watermelon. I got back out there, and we was down there fixin’ to cut the watermelon, looked up, and there stood that big Brahma Bull. He was pawin’ the ground and snortin’ at us. We dove back through the fence to get away from him, but he got the watermelon. We didn’t get to eat the watermelon, so we went back to Grandpa’s and got him to give us an- other watermelon. We got to eat that one, but the bull got the other one. From then on, we stayed outta the field where the bull was. We didn’t get back in there no more ’cause he was a mean bull. For Christmas, we always went out and cut a pine tree down and dragged it in. We didn’t have bulbs or thangs to put on it; so, we made our own trinkets to put on the Christmas tree. We’d hang pine cones, an’ put popcorn on a thread, and strang it around the tree to where it covered up the tree perty good. I ‘member, it was in 1960. I ‘member it well. It was real cold and snowin’, sleetin’, and freezin’ rain. It was just really bad, an’ I got an elf stuffed doll for Christmas. I still have it. I’ve had it all these years. Dad made us a wood sled and we used the wood sled when it would come snow, ice, an’ stuff. We’d get to ride on that wood sled down the mountains an’ big ole hills. We used to walk from the orchard all the way to catch the school bus. It was about a mile, maybe a little over a mile. We’d walk in the snow and ice, and we had to walk both ways One time, my cousin bought a new there and home. The old road was fishin’ pole. He went to Disney so bad that we couldn’t even get a World, and we were stayin’ with car in and out of it when it would Grandpa. Well, Grandpa took us to rain. Sometimes, we would miss the the creek a fishin’ and I broke my bus and a few times we missed it on cousin’s fishin’ pole. I was a perty purpose, so we could stay at home. rotten kid I guess, but I told ’em Most of the time, though, we went that Boyd, my brother, broke it. He on to school. It was a perty good got in trouble for breakin’ the fishin’ pole and I didn’t. That was a perty rotten thing for me walk though. There was a big snake layin’ in the trail, to do, but, you know, we was kids and kids do things. one time, and we stepped right over that thing. Dad was behind us. He killed a snake after we done stepped Me and my sister got in a fight one time, an’ I hit her over it. It could of bit us, but luckily it didn’t. in the head with a mop an’ knocked ’er out. I shot my brother in the foot with a BB gun, an’ then, he got after I liked school okay. At times, it took me a long time me. We ran. I started to jump the creek an’ fell in the to clean up ‘n get outta school. I finally graduated in 1973. I liked sports. I didn’t learn as much as I’d liked We were wallerin’ in the creek all wet an’ nasty; but, ya know, that was good times. 30