Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 29

When I was about four years old, ‘tween four or five, I set the garden on fire, where dad kept his garden. Then, it went up to the house ‘n built up a fire un- der the house. Well, Mama was in the house, but my grandmaw or my aunt got Mr. O’neill. He came and put the fire out under the house. Down on the road, it was burnin’. Then, I got a real big whippin’ for that. I broke my mother’s dishes, tore her pictures up, and got a good whoopin’ for that. I remember, when we lived over here at the old house out on the road, my brother got chicken pocks, and I laughed at him stan- din’ on the porch. When he got over ‘em, I got ‘em; so, he got to laugh at me. He thought that was funny, but I stayed in trouble a whole lot. My youngest brother, Ray, hid Mama’s butcher knife. Me, Boyd, ‘n Cathy got a whoopin’ every day the whole summer long, ‘till dad found the butcher knife in the leaf pile. Ray didn’t get a whoopin’ fer that ‘cause we were in trouble all the time. For a long time, my momma was real sick and she was havin’ to stay in the bed a whole lot. When she got up and left her room, I put a big spider, big ol’ black spider, in ‘er bed and covered it up with a sheet. When she came back, she pulled the sheet down and there was the spider. Of course, I got a tannin’ for that – a tannin’s a whoopin’. One time, me and my brother got in a rock fight, and we bruised each other up. He was bleedin’ and I was bleedin’. I caught a rat one time. I wasn’t sure it wasn’t a rabbit, but I caught it. This was in the summertime, and it bit me on the finger and caused me to have warts on my finger. Dad was a heavy smoker at one time. So when he quit smokin’, he started eating sugar. He would get up in the middle of the night, go to the kitchen, get sugar out of the sugar bag, and eat it. One night, he got up and I was gonna catch him. I got in the kitchen before he did when he got up. I was standing there, and he reached for the light switch, and I grabbed him by the hand. Boy, he grabbed me, pushed me up against the wall, and turned the light on. I got in trouble big time for that. He sent me back to bed in a hur- ry. Then one time, we had company. It was some of our kin folks that lived over on Five Points, and they came down to the house to see us. It was on a Sunday evening, and all us kids was out a playin’. I caught a big ole snake outta the creek and threw it in the living room where all the women were. Boy, that caused a ruckus. Then, I had to catch the snake back outta the house, and got tore up perty good for that- got a good spankin’ for that; so I had to start leavin’ the snakes alone. They didn’t like me playin’ with them. That was perty funny to me, but it weren’t too fun- ny to them women in there when I threw it in. To me, it was perty funny, though. When my grandpa was still livin’, he grew a big watermelon patch. He wa s always grow- in’ big ole watermelons, and I mean big ones. One day, he gave me and my brother a watermelon to eat, and when we was ta- kin’ it home. We got it over to the pasture 29