Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 28

orchard, and helped raise the apples, pick ’em, and they had to spray ’em. He worked in the or- chard cuttin’ the weeds and stuff around the apple trees. My mama worked at the shirt factory for a time and she worked up in the orchard pilin’ brush, pickin’ apples, and stuff like that. She was the housewife, stayed home, took care of the house, and she was always a cookin’, wash- in’, and takin’ care of us. I had three brothers and one sister. I had one brother who was deceased when he was a baby. His name was Terry Elisha Carnes. He was six months and ten days old when he died. My sister, she’s married with a little boy, and then I got a brother who’ got one daughter. My youngest brother lives off from here, but he’s got three children. We were always a perty close family ’cause, ya’ know, they wasn’t nobody else around fer us to do anything much with; so, we always just found our own games ta make up an play. Me and my old- est brother, Boyd, we had da, he had a six gun, and we always was out playin’, shootin’, playin’ cowboys an indians. Cathy played baseball with us at home. She could do perty good. She did as good as we did. She got right in on the plate. Ray, he played softball and a lit- tle baseball. I don’t ’member if he played football, but me and Boyd, we played sports – baseball, football, ‘n stuff. We got older, but we always made up ball games ‘n stuff at home. We had a bicycle one time. Then, we wore it out, tryin’ to ride it. We finally learned how to ride. We had a lot of fun with it up there on them hill- sides. We used to play in the woods a whole lot and we used to make stick houses. We’d put four little sticks in or posts in the ground and then we’d lay twigs over top of ‘em. Next, we would pile leaves over the twigs and then, we would get inside them things and hide. It looked like it was just part of the ground. We’d also build tree houses in the woods and we used to play in an old barn that used to be over there on the orchard. The old barn was there a long time, and they’ve torn it down now, but we used to go play in that thing when it’d be a snowin’, or rainin’ where we couldn’t get out and play. I used to like to read alot; so, when it would rain, I would lay around and read the rest of my books. I liked to read westerns, so I would read a lot of west- ern books. I liked to make bows and arras (arrows). We’d get a dogwood limb and cut it down where we could bend it and put a string on it. Then we’d go cut sticks that would make good arras (arrows) with the bow. We’d shoot them thangs. We had slingshots. We would shoot rocks at birds and squirrels with ‘em. Whatever we could see to shoot at, we would. 28