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best elementary school I’ve ever been to. It’s fun (to teach kids.) Some days aren’t so great, (but) most of the time, it’s lots of fun. I love showing kids how to do research, getting kids excited about books, reading, authors, and things like that, (and) to share my love of literature. Education has changed a lot, and I don’t think for the better. Parents were very supportive when I began teaching. I don’t think they are as much any- more; however Rabun County is an exception. There’s a little bit of support here, but it’s not much. There’s too much testing.There’s not enough getting to know the children and the (students) as there used to be. I think (teachers) do a wonderful job, but there are too many things that interfere with them actually teach(ing). (My advice is) love what you do. Teaching is hard I think that children at Rabun County Elementary are work. Hopefully, the students (will) love you and very fortunate. They have a lot and I don’t think that you will have a good administration that supports they take it for granted. They have much more than oth- academics. er schools where I’ve taught. It’s a more conservative area which appeals to me. I think there’s good support About the Author: from the community which is always appreciated. Itzia Vasquez I like (the students of Rabun County).I love them, (and) I wish I could teach more of them. They were fun. My teaching career (lasted) 34 years. (The reason I retired was because) my son and his wife had a child, and at the time, they lived two-and-a-half hours away. I realized if I didn’t retire, the baby would be in school before I would get to spend time with him. I had to choose between leaving a job I loved or spending time with my grand- child. I chose to spend time with my grandchild. I’m Itzia Vasquez, a girl with a goal that WILL happen.I will become a Fashion Designer. I will design clothing and then will sew them to perfection. I’ll make my business and it will benefit everyone with well-done, low-cost products. I will also own an Interior Design company and design the inte- rior of many homes, including my own. 26