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I started teaching in California with a first and second-grade combina- tion. An interesting thing about that job (was that) they forgot they hired me, so the first day of school, my classroom had no furniture in it, except for a teacher desk. I had no supplies and it was quite chaotic, but we made it through. It was an interesting year. That changed after a few months to just a first grade (class). I taught first grade my first year of teaching. I had a class of 33 students. I taught in the desert of California. One day, I had this little boy whom I can not name, but I will nev er forget him. He was standing by my desk, and he kind’a leaned his hand on the chalkboard. It caved in a little bit. He took his fingernails and start(ed) pulling at the chalkboard, and (it started) flaking off. The more he picked at it, the more it flaked off. He saw bugs crawling behind it. Of course, I had to go to the office. Almost the whole length of one classroom wall was a chalkboard. The maintenance men had t o come. We had to leave our room, and I had to teach on the blacktop that day out on the desert. Fortunately, there was a shady tree outside. The maintenance men took that chalkboard down. There was a massive infestation of termites that you could see behind the chalkboard.These termites were everywhere, and of course, they were flying to. This was back in the seventies. They had to spray all the bad stuff, and we could not go into the room for the rest of the day. However, (I) got a new chalkboard out of that. It was not a wonderful thing, ‘cause the child who did it was the most hyperactive student I’ve ever been around. That just set him off for the rest of the day. I was in that county for four years, and then I moved to Georgia. I did a three-four combination. Then I did first grade and a class called “Transition” which was between K through 1 for developmentally​ ​delayed children. I taught first grade for several more years. My friend said to me one day, “Jaye why don’t you become a media spe- cialist and we can share rides to the University of West GA?” I like reading. I love children’s literature. I think I’ll do that, so I did. I was a media specialist for seven years in Clayton County, then I moved up here and I taught technology for five years. Then, I became the media spe- cialist here for six years and Rabun County Media was my favorite position. My heart is in the media center. I always wanted to make it a very welcome place, where people enjoyed coming, and feel like it was successful. For the most part, and as far as improving, I don’t know. It’s just about the 25