Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 24

JAye Masters: School Bound by Itzia Vasquez I’m a retired teacher. I retired last year (2015). I spent about 21 years in the classroom and 13 years in a media center. My husband and I came up here. We decided to leave where we were living. It was going through a lot of chang- es that we did not like, so we decided to come up here since former students of my husband invited us to come visit them. When we got here, it just felt right, we decid- ed to build our retirement home here. Jaye Masters is a woman who does what she loves. She influenced me to do what I love like she did. She has always been a kind per- son to me, never saying anything bad. She was former- ly the librarian at Rabun County Elementary School. Mrs. Masters is currently my Reading Bowl Coach who encourages me to read and get better with my litera- ture. I am glad I interviewed her.