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see us in a lot of parades. We do a poster contest in some of the schools, where we go to the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, and the kids do a poster about the Revolution. Then we judge, and we have a winner for it. Sophie Raby won that several years ago for our lo- cal chapter. She won it for the state chapter, and guess what? She went to the National Competition. How ‘bout that? – right from Rabun County. When we put on presentations and talk to young peo- ple, we try to encourage ‘em to join the SAR. One of the ways we do that is we put a presentation on to a school group, (and) every child gets a pocket constitu- tion. It’s theirs to keep. We hope that you’ll read that and learn how important the constitution is and decide you wanna help preserve our freedom and our country for years to come – join in keeping it going. We hope that the SAR influences the community to learn about our heritage and the founding of our coun- try. If you don’t know how (or) why our country was founded or any of the history of the founding of our country, you don’t know how precious our country is when you compare it to others in the world. We hope that we encourage people to learn about why freedoms were established, how they were established, and how we gotta preserve ‘em for years to come. History’s an important thing, especially the founding of our country. If we don’t know why our country was founded, we don’t know how to cherish the freedom we have. You need to know about your history to remain free. We are trying to encourage young people to join the SAR. We did have a child recruitment section. We’ve kind’a let that lapse a little bit, because young people are so busy right now. My name is Molly Mazarky, and I am 12 years old. I plan to go to college for Cosmetology and maybe work on a movie set. I enjoy this because it allows me to let my creativi ty flow. Hair and makeup have always been so fun for me, and I believe that it can make a person feel amazing about how they look. I also hope to travel especially to Paris, France. The world is an amazing place, and I would like to see it. 21 About the Author: Molly Mazarky