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To become a member of the SAR, you must have an established ancestor. That is one (who) you’ve researched and know for sure fought in the Amer- ican Revolution. I have an ancestor; as a matter of fact, several, who fought in the American Revolu- tion. You find out (by) researching old Bibles, fam- ily Bibles, libraries that have archives, (and also) county courthouses. (You) look at birth, mar- riage, and death certificates. You become a mem- ber once you determine that you have an ances- tor who fought in the American Revolution. I had a boyhood friend, Bill Raper, who helped found the chapter in Cornelia, the Joseph Habersham Chapter. He was after me for a long time to join. I really didn’t have time while I was work- it for events. I guess that’s ing. I joined SAR after I retired in 2009. I am currently the most unusual event that I can think of and probably a Chairman of the Education Committee. A lot of the the most impressive that our local chapter has done. kids around Northeast Georgia have seen me dress up and come to their We (also) go to the fourth grade (at) schools. I was previously the Trea- elementary schools. Mr. David Grist surer for our chapter. Now, I serve and I present (at) close to 30 elemen- on the Education Committee. tary schools in Northeast Georgia every year. We also do homeschool Dess Oliver, who was an Industri- groups. We do church groups, (and) al Arts Teacher at Rabun Gap Na- we’re going to a nursing home in coochee School, and l made a Revo- White County (to) present a pro- lutionary War field artillery cannon gram to them. We’ll present the pro- and donated it to the Joseph Haber- gram to any group that wants us to sham SAR. It’s a six pounder- a come and talk to ‘em about it. shooting six-pound cannonball. Mr. Oliver is passed away now, but he donated that to the We also support Junior ROTC. That’s the Junior Re- Joseph Habersham Chapter before he passed away. I serve Officers Training Corp in the high schools. Those shoot that thing every so often. I shoot a blank charge; are young people that decide (they) want to go into but, I load it with black powder, and we shoot the military. We have a contest for them every year. it. So now We let them write an essay about the founding (of) we’re form- the United States. It’s a contest and the lucky winner ing a unit. receives a scholarship to help ‘em pay for their college. Once we get We do Color Guards for various things. July the fourth insurance to (2017), we’re goin’ to do a Color Guard at the Braves demonstrate game. We’re planning on 13 muskets fired down there. it, (we can) I don’t think I’m going, because I don’t wanna fight the actually fire traffic in Atlanta. If you see the Braves game July the fourth, it’ll be a SAR Color Guard down there. You’ll History is an important thing, ...You need to know about your history to remain free. 20