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Welcome! Welcome to the third edition of Foxfire Today, the first digital publication endorsed by Foxfire, Inc. We are proud to be such an intricate part of such a prestigious organization, written and produced by 6th grade SWIS (School Within a School) students, with a preview article by our 5th grade SWIS stu- dents. The students conduct interviews, transcribe, and write articles in first person format about life in the Appalachian Mountains. What makes our magazine different is that we are recording life in Appalachia in the present, whereas the Foxfire Magazine focuses on the past. It is with great pleasure that we can share aspects of our beautiful community with others through these publications. When speaking of Foxfire, there are common words that are always heard – heritage, community, preservation, pride, family, hard work, etc. Reflecting on these, it is evident that this group of students are part of that same Foxfire legacy. They accept challenges with optimism and meet goals with pride. They show respect and appreciation for their pasts, yet desire to make their marks on the world through change - the change that can make a positive difference. They have already made a tremendous impact on our community of which they are proud to belong. Within this classroom, we are a family. Of course, we’re not the traditional family- we don’t share the same blood line or genetics, but we care about each other. We support one another in times of crisis, and we pick each other up when one falls. We encourage one another and celebrate the successes together. We miss those who aren’t with us and sometimes argue with them when they are. It’s alright for us to disagree with each other, but no one else can. We eat together. We play together, and we work together (sometimes more produc- tively than others). That’s what families do. This same bond is found within all Foxfire families. It’s developed and nurtured until it grows into something more than we ever expected. It expands until it spills over into our community. We bond with others and our family continues to grow. It is our hope that you enjoy learning more about our “family” through the articles featured in this edition of our magazine. This family is precious to us and we are honored to preserve their stories. ~ Joy Phillips, Instructor It is with heartfelt appreciation that we would like to thank the following individuals and groups for their support and assistance with the publication of this magazine: The staff of Foxfire Members, Foxfire Community Board and National Board of Directors Mrs. Melissa Williams, Rabun County Superintendent of Schools Mrs. Joi Woods, Rabun County Assistant Superintendent of School Members, Rabun County Board of Education Mrs. Lisa Patterson, Rabun County Elementary School (RCES) Principal Mr. Mark Beck and Mrs. Colette Lovell, RCES Assistant Principals Parents/Guardians of the SWIS students We would also like to extend a special thanks to all the interviewees who gave their time, cooperation, and patience to our students. Without you, this magazine would not have been possible. Lastly, a very special thanks goes to CJ Thompson for the hours of work contributed to the graphic design and layout of this product, and to Ethan Phillips for designing the covers for the magazine. Contact us at: Rabun County Elementary School • 1115 East Boggs Mountain Road • Tiger, Georgia 30576 • (706) 782-3116 Joy Phillips - Copyright 2018, The Foxfire Fund, Inc.