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The funniest (moments) to me are the people on the Giant Swing. The funniest one was a little bit gross, when one of the participant(s) barfed on one of the guides. That was pretty funny. At my age, to be able to associate with young people, both the staff and the guests, keeps me thinking young. I also enjoy meeting so many people from so many dif- ferent areas. Once you ask them where they’re from and who they know, invariably we’re going to have a mutual friend or contact of some sort. (Unfortuanat- ly), it is so seasonal. It’s difficult to keep full time help year round. That’s the biggest problem – the fact that it’s so seasonal. Each year or so we plan to add an activity to keep the park fresh and offer a new experience for our repeat guests. This year we will have a tree climb with auto- matic relay for safety. The climber can reach the height of a four story building. In addition, we are moving into the education aspect with our team building facil- itators. This will appeal to corporate, non profit, and youth groups with a customized program specific to the groups’ objectives. (come from) on TripAdvisor, are very posi- tive. Just recently, because of that, we were rated by TripAdvisor as being in the top two percent of outdoor activities in North Carolina. There are a lot of zip lines around, so we compete with them. We compete for recreational dollars with some of the local attractions like the Fun Factory and the tubing hill. Actually, rather than being a competition, we actually have a symbiotic relationship, where we do well off of each other. People come and zip, then they go to the tubing hill, and on a rainy day, they can go to the Fun Factory; so, they’re not really competi- tion. They are actually assets to help draw people to the area. 18 About the Author: Eli Damron My name is Eli Damron, and I’m a 12 year-old sixth grader who has Type One Diabetes. I want to help others that have Type One, so when I grow up, I want to be a diabetic nurse in order to achieve this goal. It is hard to live with Diabetes, so I want to help others get through what I’ve been through, too. I want to be the person other peo- ple appreciate for helping them. I also want to be a person who others want to be like, because I am caring, kind, and thoughtful. I believe that if you’re kind, others will want to be kind, too. I believe it’s a cycle that goes around, and around, and around, creating a better world.