Foxfire Today Foxfire Today 3rd Edition - Page 17

because one of the contractors who came to the first site said we had a combination with the elevation that had the air and the feel of the alpine rope courses of Europe, and it had the vegetation similar to the rainfor- ests in Central America. It’s a combi- nation that really no one else has. At my age, to be able to associate with young people, both the staff and the guests, keeps me thinking young. ment. The zipline is the attraction, but once they get here, they see there are three different ways of do- ing ziplines. Then, they can deter- mine whether they wanna’ do the full, high, exciting one, the lower, slower Mountain Tour, or the family challenge course. The business has improved as peo- Fortunately, (people) love it, because ple discover us. When we started, it we have 680 ratings from Trip-Advi- wasn’t well known. It had to be dis- sor. Over 600 of them are five stars, covered. It’s changed also, in that, in as high as you can go. We’ve only a natural environment the trees grow, the trails need to had one (person) that rated us poor, and that was their be maintained, and lines need to be replaced. There’s a fault because they came 40 minutes late and missed lot of maintenance for both gear their tour. The people, who the comments and the plants. The attraction is basically the beauty that we’ve got. It’s what attracts people here, I think, really more than the fact that there’s a zipline. There’s ziplines lots of places between here and Atlanta, but peo- ple drive by ‘em to come to this one, because it’s in the mountains and in the forest. It’s not on a pole around a farm yard or a parking lot. It’s in a natural environ- 17