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110 positions, so it’s highly competitive to get into veterinary school. Study your math and science and I promise you there will be so many different things you can do in veterinary-medicine – not just practice, but research, industry, so many different ways you can use a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). It’s such a versatile degree. If you love animals or working with animals, you’re gonna find your edge in veterinary medicine somewhere. In the future in Rabun County, as our citizenry ages, I see us pushing more toward a mobile veterinary prac- tice service. We still make a lot of house calls and farm calls. We see a lot of folks that are in their 70’s or 80’s that still wanna have a labrador retriever around the lake. 90 to 100 pounds of mus- cle-that’s hard for them to handle those animals, but they still love ‘em and they still want them to receive veterinary care. It’s very difficult for them and so we have invest- ed in a mobile hospital to put on the road to be able to do some home hospice care, some house calls,and that sort of thing – just continue to serve the community in different and innovative ways and make it easier on people and help them enjoy that animal-human bond. About the Author: Katie Shields My name is Katie Shields. I want to be a Special Education teacher. Many people think this is too much work and that it is not worth it. I’ve always found a special interest in special needs chil- dren. I may not make a difference in the world, because I don’t need to be rich or famous. I might only help a few kids and their families, whom may not ever remember me. It’s OK as long as I feel I helped them, whether it was 30 seconds on an assignment or 30 ye '2FV 6&VW"