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More than a Job by Katie Sheilds maybe a few funny stories. Dr. Arbitter made me feel welcome and comfortable when I interviewed him. I learned that being a veterinarian is more than a job, and that vets don’t like seeing animals suffer. They hate it so much, they want to make those animals better. What do you do when your best friend gets sick or injured? How do you know which veterinarian to trust? I promise that if you trust Stephen Arbitter and the Rabun Animal Hospi- tal, you’ll have nothing to worry about. He and his team are great at taking care of animals. Stephen is kind-hearted and cares so much about animals. He will make sure your pets are safe, happy, and well. Throughout this article, you will see how well Dr. Arbitter is qualified, the wildlife he treats, and The history of veterinary medicine, in gener- al, in Rabun County, goes all the way back to Dr. Fisher who was born and raised in Rabun County. After World War II, the University of Georgia (had) just started a veterinary program, so he was one of the first graduating classes to actually have that degree. Prior to that, there was very little pro- fessional veterinary medicine. Most of the people that had livestock, cattle, pigs, and sheep, would have to do the best thing they could to care for them themselves. Dr. Fisher had a practice in Franklin, North Carolina. As a family, we always used and I was very inspired by him. Rabun Animal Hospital started in 1998. It be- gan with both a large and a small animal practice and has grown from a one-doctor practice to a six-doctor practice with a 24-hour emergency.(There aren’t any) 12